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Make Opinion offers you sophisticated, efficient and easy-to-use innovative tools for truly self-service market research. Create online surveys and find your desired survey participants all over the world in just a few minutes. Feel empowered to make important decisions with our high quality participant feedback. Our high quality participant feedback empowers researchers and brands to make the correct decisions on a daily basis. Our easy to use, innovative platform is the tool that will satisfy all of your self-service market research needs.

Create surveys with the questionnaire editor of the self-service platform Make Opinion

Create user friendly online surveys intuitively, quickly and easily

With the Make Opinion survey authoring tool, you can create and manage your online surveys in a few simple steps and in very little time. The questionnaire editor supports you with a variety of elements and tools to design your online survey professionally and in an appealing, clean design with high focus on user-friendliness. This ensures higher quality feedback with more engaged participants! The editor also offers many possibilities with regard to monitoring and analysing your survey results as well as making it easier to distribute your online surveys. Make Opinion's survey editor makes self-service market research feel like child's play.

Find the perfect target group for your online surveys and market research studies

The audience tool from Make Opinion efficiently supports you in selecting survey participants from a pool of more than 25 million panelists around the world. The selection of your survey participants takes place via a simple interface and provides deep targeting criteria such as gender, age, region, ethnicity, income, education, profession, hobbies and much more. You can also use the Audience tool to define your own qualification quotas to ensure you have balanced and representative responses. With Make Opinion's Audiene tool, you can quickly and easily recruit survey participants for your self-service market research!

Make Opinion Audience tool for self-service market research

Video Feedback Tool for Self Service Market Research

Find participants for video feedback and conduct live interviews online

Dramatically shorten and simplify the process of qualitative market research. With a single tool, you can both find participants for face-to-face interviews in a matter of minutes and interview them directly with the same tool on a clean user interface with outstanding quality. Finding participants for live video interviews has never been easier. Save yourself time-consuming scheduling, participant cancellations, missed appointments and the headache of using overly complicated video tools. Make Opinion’s video feedback tool is how agile self-service market research works today!

IHUTs: Get your products tested where they're used

In-Home Use Tests (IHUTs) are the ideal way to test products in consumers' real-life environments. In addition, In-Home Use Tests are far more cost-effective than conventional methods. With Make Opinion, you can quickly find committed participants who will intensively test your products in their home and give you honest and comprehensive feedback. Use our IHUT panel for your self-service market research and find exactly the target group you need for your product tests.

iHUT In Home Use Tests for Self-Service Market Research

Tool for data analysis and data evaluation in self-service market research

Intelligent data analysis

Make Opinion offers a clear and easy-to-use real-time analysis tool for your self-service market research, that even inexperienced users can use to intuitively evaluate and interpret even complex data from very extensive online surveys. Use countless functions such as data filters, selection of different graphs, text analysis, user-defined layouts as well as the quick and easy raw data export tool. Share analyses and evaluations with team members and assign hierarchical roles and rights. You decide who can see what!

Enable rapid business success with Make Opinion's self-service market research platform

Self-service market research offers your company the opportunity to act quickly to gain a solid database for valuable business decisions in real time. Conduct qualitative and quantitative market research in-house with tools and services from Make Opinion’s self-service market research platform quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Empower your staff to take self-service market research to the next level with our innovative market research tools. This is what the software platform for market research by Make Opinion empowers your business to do!

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